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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dragonconned again

Today just happens to be the one-year anniversary of this blog. I'm sorry you've been putting up with this for an entire 365 days.

The impetus was actually a lovely little festival known as Dragoncon. (Last year's entry) And guess what. It happened to fly back to Atlanta this weekend. And this weekend happened to be Dragoncon. (The two things were unrelated, I promise. Simply fortuitous.)

Dragoncon is the world's largest gathering of fantasy and sci-fi fan or anyone else whose mothers let them out of the basement for a few hours. The festival lasts from Thursday to Sunday and features all sorts of seminars, exhibitions and meet-and-greets. The big event open to the public is Saturday morning's parade—a celebratory affair starring miles-worth of costumed revelers. Below are a few highlights from this year's parade of the enthused and awkward.

OK, so I made fun of Dragoncon attendees, but hi there, Miss Venom. Wanna bite me?

This man proposed to this woman right in front of us.

Check out this picture. She does not look happy. Perhaps it's because her fiancee proposed to here in the middle of the Dragoncon parade. Or perhaps it's because he's wearing a wet suit.

This man attached his children to chains. They're going to be pretty eft up when they're get older. They'll probably be back next year on their own.

This guy was just tall and skinny. It wasn't a costume. It was creepy.

Speaking of creepy, this guy wins my favorite costume award. Demented axe-wielding pig scientist? Genius!

This guy danced around for a while. It was really entertaining.

I have no idea what this guy is.


This is the happiest moment of this Klingon's life. He's been planning for it in his mother's basement since last year.

OK, I take it back. These are my favorite guys—the Cardboard Box Storm Troopers. They were there last year. They were just as awesome last year.

But they didn't have this guy last year. Chewboxa! Brilliant.

The Lame Troopers. (Compared to the Box Troopers.)

It sort of looks like Darth Vader is going to punch this little kid in the face. This picture is awesome.

There was unfortunately a lot of this going on. Clearly the scariest costume in the parade.

So, despite that last picture, happy one year, everybody!

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