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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Brew on

Hey guys.

Sorry it's been a while since a formal "real life" update. This'll be just a quick one.

I'm not really sure what day it is. Honestly. I woke up and couldn't figure out for the life of me what day it might be. After some thinking I've determined it's probably Saturday, but that still doesn't feel quite right.

We've been working. A lot.

And it's been a crazy ride these past few weeks. The project that Karen and I initially started on solo has blown into, for lack of a nicer word, a monster. At any given point we've had probably at least twelve creatives on it, up from the two of us. It's been a tough brief to crack. Like, really, really tough.

I'm starting to get a little more comfortable writing TV, although none of mine has survived so fair. In fact, there was a whole other campaign that we did—print, OOH, tons of cool interactive/online and some big budget TV. Well, apparently it was all too big budget because we just found out two days ago that they were axing the whole thing to give money to another project. Pretty disheartening, but I'm not as sad as I thought I'd be. All I really wanted to see was our fun interactive babies come to life. Oh well . . .

But another thing that softens the blow is the other project (the gargantuan one). We've got a huge idea. And it's a really fun one. So, we've been spending the last two days blowing the hell out of it. It's definitely been the most fun I've had since I've been here at Wieden. There's a real freedom in finding one massive idea and just running with it, especially a really fun one.

We have the presentation on Monday so we'll be working pretty much sans sleep for the next two days (making today Saturday I guess). So, for everyone in 24 hours at the Circus right now, I'm right there with you.

I'm really excited to see what happens Monday. We all are. If this stuff ever sees the light of day, it's going to be amazing. It's a big if. This is where advertising gets really fun.

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