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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

. . . but for my ebb

Due to the presentation in Seattle today, those of us left at the office didn't have much to do. So we had a bit of a half day. And it was glorious.

Things I did with my few hours of non-work:

  • drank champagne on the roof of the building
  • watched Man on Wire at a movie theater (recommended, go see it)
  • pledged $22 a month to Children International to stop sex slavery in Zambia
  • bought a drawing pad
  • studied furniture in the Design Within Reach at the bottom of our building
  • went running to the top of Portland
  • cooked couscous
  • drank some craft beers at the Deschute Brewery
  • watched Darjeeling Unlimited on OnDemand

Normally that list would've read:
  • came home
  • watched Olympics for ten minutes
  • passed out

It's amazing how sweet a few hours of freedom can be when you aren't used to it. Today felt better than a weekend.

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