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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ready for this?

I don't mean to get all political, but I saw this year and could believe my eyes/ears.

Jump to 3:07 in the video and check out Sarah Palin's answer to criticism that she's not experienced enough to take on big foreign policy decisions.

. . . which I guess is better than her previous answer.

You know, McCain's VP choice wouldn't be nearly as big of a deal if he wasn't 72 and would become the oldest president if elected. A VP should not be picked to pull voters in for the last three months of an election; it should be picked as the person next best to lead the country, after the candidate, for the next four years. Can you honestly say that McCain believes that about Palin, especially after only one meeting and one phone call?

Apparently she's his soulmate.

Well, now at least. Now she's definitely his soulmate.

One last thing, back to foreign policy. Check out this Time article The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on McCain about McCain's apparent grouping of Spain (as in the European member of the UN) into the league of other Spanish-speaking, US rivals such as Cuba and Venezuela. Scary. This country—and the world—needs a president that understands the dynamic, complex nature of international relations and doesn't automatically dismiss other countries that aren't on our list of friends. The world is a lot bigger place than just America, and I'm afraid that we'll realize it only after it's too late.

OK, stepping down off my soapbox now. Have a good day everyone.

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