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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The rush and the crash

It's happened before, but never like yesterday.

As dorky as it sounds, it's entirely possible to get an intense adrenaline rush while working. In the heat of the moment, there's a deadline in an hour and a half and you have to crank out a few headlines and some body copy or maybe a few web ideas. Perhaps the ECDs are coming down to take a look at everything at 4:00, and you and a team of 10 or so people have to get it all put together and looking right with the right lines in the right spot or with the spots roughed out. And if everything is pumping at 8,000 RPMs and you love the work you're doing you can easily work yourself into a contained, self-feed combustion. It's great.

But if one gear pops out of place, you can be headed for a hard crash. Yesterday it was the ECDs saying we had veered off in the wrong direction. Wrong tone, wrong executions, wrong everything.

You know when you've been running for a while and you have to stop for something like tying your shoe and then you start running again? It's always hard to start back up again. You feel like your legs are made of cement. It's sort of like that. But with your brain turning to cement.

Or it's like driving your car into a head-on collison with a brick wall and then trying to drive off.

I'm not sure the solution for it or if there is one. Crashing from an adrenaline rush can be both physically and mentally taxing. And unfortunately, in advertising you need all your faculties to succeed.

Maybe I should've bought a bottle of 5 Hour Energy.

The presentation's tomorrow. F.

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Franklin said...

I hope the presentation today went well! I totally know what you mean about working under pressure like that.

By the way, I noticed you take energy shots too... have you ever had 6 Hour Power? Their energy shots come in 5 flavors, have no sugar or calories, and don't end with the crash. Check them out at

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog. I work with 6 Hour Power so if you have any questions about the drink just let me know. If you'd like to hear about our contest going on where you can win a PS3 or Xbox 360 too, just ask.

Franklin Keane