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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My, this kool-aid is good.

I think I officially became inducted into the Wieden+Kennedy family today. Not because I sold a great campaign (which I didn't) or got my picture hung with everyone else's in the entry (again, didn't do that either). No, I became member of Wieden today because I just got back from the Nike Employee Store.

Everything is basically half price. You buy like a parent at Christmas just because everything is so cheap. In case you can't tell, that's a pair of running shorts, socks, training jacket, AirMax running shoes and the new 6.0 Dunks. All for $144. Holy craps.

You know, a lot people always talk about "drinking the Wieden kool-aid." (I'm not really sure specifically who says this or why but people do.) Well, you're damn right you drink the kool-aid. It's delicious.

The agency takes care of their employees so well and is full of such awesome people that there's a reason people love it. Getting to work under someone like Dan Wieden, Founders' Day (which is supposed to be quite the party), kegerators of Heineken around the office, a gym, free Coke machine, access to the Nike store. I was joking the other day that we need to get a really awesome snack food client like Combos or something. Free Combos would be awesome.

But beyond all the perks, it's just a great place that's always a pleasure to work for—even when it's 2:30 in the moring and you've been there all weekend and all the past six weeks and you've just scraped and rebuilt the campaign for the fifteenth time.

The way my apartment is situated I could walk in the back entrance to the agency. But instead I stop at Whole Foods which takes me to the other side. That way I can walk in the front entrance, past the giant wood beaver and up the stairs. I pass the little reception area, and every day I think of that first day I came here, and that feeling of everything being big and shiny and exciting. It's nice to remember that sort of thing.

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