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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Random!

Here's a smattering of images (and other fun things) I've found recently. I really like them for one reason or another.

So awesome. So sad.

A friend of a friend shot this in Tifton, Georgia. This is amazing. I can only read it with the accent of a man named Cletus.

Found during searches for Starbucks stuff on Flickr. This is so awkward I love it.

This one's for Ben. Also, does it need two n's or just one? I guess I'm not sure how to spell my racial epithets correctly.

This is just bragging. I got a perfect score on my Color IQ. Check out what yours is here.

Spider on a frog on a turtle. Apparently someone found this trio on a pool filter of three days of rain in Charlottesville, VA, clinging to each other to survive.

Check out these banner ads. I took this screen shot from Pitchfork. These ads didn't do anything. They just sat there with the logo and did nothing. How cool. Only Nike could do that.

You have to zoom in to see this one from Creativity. Read the part that says "send to a friend." This is what ads will look like in the future. Amazing.

Lastly, take a look at this banner add on the CNN homepage. What? Alaska gets no love? It sort of looks like a fetus attached to Oregon with an umbilical cord. Weird.

OK, that's all. Carry on about your business.

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