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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big night

So, last night I was waiting for my cousin on his farm and saw a flaming big rig fly by and disappear up the hill. I thought it was weird but figured someone would take care of it. Later I realized that it hit an old farmhouse. I ran up the hill to where it was. It had already burned one turn-of-the-century house and was starting in on the second one next door. Running inside I got an old man and a young girl out and to safety. The fire burned itself out mostly in the first house, but with the aid of a hose with only half-decent water pressure I stopped it from reaching much of the second house. Then I suspected the old guy was using meth for some reason. The mother of the girl and my cousin showed up shortly thereafter, and I apologized for not having coming sooner. I just didn't think too much of the flaming semi. At least there wasn't too much harm done. (The first burned house was pretty much condemned already.) Later I was about to relate the whole story to Ben, another friend and Dave (who was wearing a curly-haired wig) at a Wild Wing. Just as I was about to, the mother popped into the booth and sat down. I had no idea she'd be there, and it was a little awkward as I was just about to explain that the thought the cause of the whole thing was the grandpa's meth use. I had to steer the conversation in a different direction (which is difficult when you've just saved a burning house and people want to know about it). Pretty soon the whole family was sitting down and basically took over the table and surrounding tables my friends and I were enjoy. Then some little girl said she liked an old ad I'd done. It was for gummy bears.

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Tommy said...

Life sure does have its way of reminding us that even little things like flaming semis can serve as a reminder to stop and smell the roses.