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Friday, August 8, 2008


This morning I woke up a little early so I decided to go for a run and get to know my new city. There some pretty nice little areas, and the city is super-easy to navigate. Numbered avenues go east to west, and names in alphabetical order go south to north (Alder, Burnside, Couch, etc.).

Besides neatly ordered streets, there are myriad coffee shop here in Portland.

During my little run this morning I saw no less than five Starbucks. I saw at least as many other coffee shops as well. According to the Starbucks Delocator there are 50 different Starbucks within fives of zip code and 99 other independent coffeehouse. (That number doesn't even include other regional chains like Peet's or Stumptown.) I guess Portland loves coffee.

But, my favorite thing thing I saw on my run this morning was this:

That's right. A Starbucks right next to a Peet's. (It's almost a Lewis Black joke.) I wonder who was there first? That's pretty ballsy, whoever did it.

I'd really like to sit outside them and just watch who goes into which. Maybe some day when I have a little free time I'll go and do that. Ha.


Thaddeus Gunn said...

K. So. (K-so? That's Spanish for cheese!) This is my first visit to your blog so I don't quite know where you were before you went to Portland, but I live in Seattle which is kinda like Portland plus 20 years and a shitload of money. Per the Starbucks/Peets mystery, I'm stumped there because Sbux usually makes some sorta deal where they're the only coffee joint in the building. And in Seattle, we have two and three Sbux per building downtown. I shit you negative. But if you really want some coffee that's so gaddamn good that you would gladly shoot an adorable kitten for a cup of drip, go to Stumptown. They're coffee weirdos. They have OCD over coffee, which is prolly not good because caffeine exacerbates that sort of thing.

Enjoy your stay in PDX. Hope you get the permanent gig. I'm currently engaged to McCann-Erickson. I write a blog to keep the big blue vein on my forehead from embolizing.

jmSnowden said...

I only trust the Jittery Joes Roasting company where I can see them pull the beans out of the roaster.

andy said...

Ha, well, I don't really have that luxury at the moment, Jeff.

andy said...

Oh, and Thaddeus, I was in Atlanta before this, at the Creative Circus. Atlanta to Portland has been a pretty big culture shift, but it's been great to get out of Atlanta. (Plus, forget the coffee, there's spectacular beer and music here.)

I keep hearing about Stumptown from everyone. When I get five minutes (ha) I'll check it out.

As for that adorable kitten, well, it didn't have much of a chance from the beginning.