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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Daily !!!!!

I found this article on today:

Lawsuit says eatery to blame for 9-foot tapeworm

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- A man who contends he got a 9-foot tapeworm after eating undercooked fish has sued a Chicago restaurant.

In the lawsuit filed Monday, Anthony Franz said he ordered salmon salad for lunch from Shaw's Crab House in 2006 and fell violently ill. He later passed the giant parasite, which a pathologist determined came from undercooked fish, such as salmon.

Franz's lawsuit seeks $100,000 from Shaw's and its parent company, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, contending the restaurant's staff was negligent in serving him improperly cooked fish.

But Carrol Symank, vice president of food safety for Lettuce Entertain You, said the tapeworm didn't come from Shaw's.

"We have done a thorough investigation, and we're confident the restaurant is not the source," he said.

According to the Web site, tapeworms can measure up to 50 feet long.

Two things:

Lettuce Entertain You? Simply atrocious. No business should be named based on a pun. That should be a law. That's only outdone in the lettuce-based business category by:
That's from the good ole ATL.

And two. Passing a nine-foot worm out your body?! Did anyone else catch that? Holy crap. Can you imagine how scared you'd be to be if you're taking a poop and it keeps coming out and then you look down and see a big, white, wrinky worm looking up at you from the toilet bowl? Holy crap.

OK. Carry on!

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