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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ow! Mmmm.

Karen and I are a little burnt out. Thinking about and talking about and living the same product for 12 hours every day for two weeks straight is pretty taxing. It doesn't feel exhausting, but your brain starts to run around in circles, and you don't more forward. So, we declared yesterday a half-day. I did some exciting stuff like buy non-Whole Foods groceries and restring my guitar. Later on we walked around a really nice area of town called Nob Hill. (Don't snicker.) It's rather reminiscent of Virginia Highlands called Nob Hill.

Afterwards Karen managed to get us to probably the only dance club in Portland. (It was still a very white version of a dance club.) We got stamps to get in. When I looked at it this morning, all it looks like is a hamburger-shaped bruise. I think it was supposed to be lips, but now it's just a hamburger.

Bonus: You can see some of the awful framed photographic "art" that came with my apartment. I need some posters and road signs stat.

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jmSnowden said...

Perhaps you cold replace the poster with some works from the "painter of light". A framed throw rug of a log cabin, perhaps.