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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Media planning is dead.

Googlovation slays yet another industry. Now, with a few clicks of the mouse you can buy an entire television advertising campaign. This video will blow your mind. (Perhaps only if you are in advertising.)

Google TV Ads

I vote for Google to take over the cable industry. Comcast blows. Plus, I have this idea about in the future being able to serve only relevant ads to television consumers that choose which ads they want to see. And I think Google can make that happen.

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jmSnowden said...

Until the anti-google is born. And then the anti, anti-google. Few people have a brand loyalty or brand based affinity for Google like, say, how they do for Mac. As soon as someone builds a better mousetrap, google is toast.

Before Facebook got big, Myspace was the phenom. Before that, Xanga. People are not brand loyal in this category. They simply go where the technology is. And right now, there are a few nerds in a garage building a better google.