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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You should've spent more budget on getting a better concept

I think I was searching for "businessman seated" today on Google Images when this came up.

I suppose it's a more contemporary version of clipart. (Ah, remember lovely, horrible clipart?) Every time I come across images like this (and there seems to be an abundance of them related to businesspeople) I always wonder to myself, Who are these photographers? Who are these people that concept, set up and then shoot these atrocities? Then there's the retoucher, props people, models, all that.

Truthfully, I'm fascinated by this sector of the communications industry. I guess you can find bad art anywhere, just like you can find bad ads, bad writing, bad TV. It still just blows my mind.

Speaking of bad TV/movies . . .

Death scene from Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Tough break.


Anna said...

This reminds me of an agency I worked for last year. We had a Getty Images guy come in for a pitch, and my coworkers spent about 15 minutes taking the piss out of him for Getty's huge selection of "men doing weird shit in business suits" on the website. He promised to look into it.

Patio Action Pearson said...

Ha. "Look into it." They're the purveyors of it. I guess they're not as bad as iStock though. That site gets me every time.