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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Funcooker lives!

Don't know if there are any 30 Rock fans out there, but I had to share this. Sitting on my toilet this morning, I was leafing through Wired as usual when, wonder of wonders, my eyes befell in advertisement in on the second to last page: the iwavecube.

For anyone that watched last week's 30 Rock you know that a main story arc was Jack's launching of a pocket-sized microwave. Well, truth is stranger than fiction because apparent this puppy really does exist. This one-foot cubic wonder promises to blast your vittles with 800 watts of juice. Perfect for kittens too!

Another kudos to the iwavecube for having one of the more absurd taglines(?) I've seen in a while: "Small. Light. Quiet. Personal. Portable. Versatile. Energy Efficient." Catchy. Sure to be the next "Just do it."

Learn more about the next Segway on the icubed website.

If you haven't seen the episode (or the show in general), I suggest you watch below, courtesy of our friends at Hulu.

30 Rock - The Funcooker

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here comes the funcooker!