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Monday, March 30, 2009

Best beer in America map

That's right. Number two.

Oh, I can only imagine all the lovely, delicious beers out there that I'm not drinking. Just like all the insightful, articulate blog posts I'm not writing.

Some day I won't work 35 hours a day, 8 days a week, and I'll actually do something fun/worthwhile. But for now, I work.


_ said...

I've been watching the plywood for the past 15 minutes. I think it moved.

Dude, I saw your youngun vid. Was it your group that put together a stop motion vid out there? I'm probably confusing you guys with someone else...

Patio Action Pearson said...

Commercial break. Literally.

It wasn't for Young Guns. We won for FutureLions, then went to Cannes for the festival. While we were at the festival we met the USA Young Lions team. They're assignment was to make a viral video so they asked our help. So, they video idea was theirs, but we "starred" in it. If that makes sense.