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Monday, February 16, 2009


You may know that guy. You know, that guy. The one that jumps into the background of an innocent group of girls' photo and utterly ruins it with some bizarre face or obscene gesture. Well, one of my friends from UGA discovered a flaw in the UGA Facebook system and was able to create an account for him. Check him out here, friend him so you can tag your own pictures with him in it.

Oddly enough, Valentine's Day is THAT Guy's birthday (note the spelling). And recently College Humor published a gallery of some of his greatest work. It's not connected to the Facebook page, but still awesome in its own right. Here's just a taste.

Creep McGee.

A classic. A favorite.

The ultimate.

The sasquatch. (Also, what is going on in this picture? And how can I be there?)

Check out the whole gallery for yourself. As someone who's been THAT Guy his fair share of times, I can tell you, there are some true gems in here.

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