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Friday, February 27, 2009


What a great word. Do you know how you can tell it’s a great word?

Look at is synonyms. I was just looking through my writer’s thesaurus and stumbled across it. Check out what Oxford chimed in with:

mojo noun informal 1 get our mojo working MAGIC, voodoo, hoodoo, wizardry, sorcery; charm, lucky charm, amulet, talisman, churinga

2 he’s lost his mojo ENERGY, vitality, spirit, zest, verve; power, dynamism, drive; fire, passion, ardor, zeal; informal zip, zing, pep, pizzazz, punch, bounce, oomph, moxie, go, get-up-and-go, vim and vigor, feistiness

Hizzah! Wham! Pow!

(Special shout-out to Andi. Chartreuse llama.)

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