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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Helvetica: The Blog Post

I finally watched the documentary Helvetica last night. If you haven't seen it—and are a total design nerd—I'd highly recommend it. The film tracks the origins of the universal typeface, how it changed our visual and cultural landscape and where it's left us today. A flock of type and design gods weigh in with their own very strong beliefs on the typeface, ranging from the embodiment of perfect ecstasy to a criminal representation of design facism.

If you have Netflix (and I recommend that you get that too), you can watch it instantly. So go for it. Right now. Here's just a little taste:

Helvetica trailer

And in honor of the movie, I thought I'd post this piece that sits in our house, made by my roommate, the illustrious and unflappable Nuno Ferreira. (The kerning's a little off, but we'll overlook that.)


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