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Saturday, November 1, 2008

"to roll over in one's grave": a phrase meaning that the deceased person would be horrified to know what has transpired following his or her death

In an earlier post about Ian Fox the Copywriting Master I mentioned that I don't like to cut other folks down. It's not nice. Everyone's trying to do their own thing.

But then every once in a while, something so jaw-droppingly inexplicably offensively bad comes along. Well, today's your lucky day, my friends.

My partner, the ever-talented Timtastic, shared this with me the other day. Apparently for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Ogilvy agency, employees of the Athens office decided to make a tribute ballad to David Ogilvy. The results are breath-taking.

Ballad for David

How awesome is it when that dude comes in? Who is he? Antonio Banderas? Or perhaps that bee from the Nasonex commercials? Also, I love the poor English translations. And they are a plenty. The pronounciation of "avid" is pretty suspect. I'm not sure was "A to V" means either.

So, these are people that are supposed to be making mind-blowingly creative advertising. Hm. I think the best comment on the YouTube page is "This would've been a great SNL digital short."

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