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Friday, November 21, 2008

Even the box was organic

This will only be funny those of you who know Dan Kelly and his proclivity for receiving care packages from his parents filled with any time of sugar-based goody you could imagine. Imagine Halloween having a set of twins in a cardboard box while being mailed from Cleveland. It supplied the Nasty Dandylion (our apartment) with many a late night snack.

I returned home from work this evening to find my own care package from my parents. It too was filled with snacks. But as you can see below, it was very different.

Yes, that is papaya and apple muesli, honey roasted almonds, a cranberry-cherry-pecan mix, a California trail mix, all-natural plantain chips, organic fruit bars, organic gummy bears and even gum made from natural rainforest chicle. My parents aren't hippy like that at all. Really random.

Sorry. I don't think is is amusing to anyone but me, but I'm having a blast. See ya.

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