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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Damn Boots

As I continue to offer up others' content in place of my own (due primarily to the impending deadline of One Show happening this week in New York), I submit for your viewing pleasure an internet spot for Australian Nomis football boots (translation: soccer cleats).

It came out a few months ago, but I think it's a nice contrast to the Nike spot that I posted earlier. Besides being a funny song and sport some absolutely gorgeous art direction, the Nomis spot hits on a great strategy: even if the shoes get you a spot in the big time, if they're harsh on your feet you're screwed. It's a nice angle that attacks the "get famous in our shoes" idea from a completely different direction. That all being said, enjoy.

Nomis - Damn Boots

UPDATE: I just found out Kyle Cavanaugh and Andrew Diperi have an interview/sit down this week in New York with the agency responsible for the Nomis spot, Johannes Leonardo. Congrats, guys.

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