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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big, big day for me

Advertising didn't know what hit it today. Or, more likely, it didn't even notice.

But either way, I've made two appearances in the industry-important media today.

The first is a small feature in international advertising mag Archive.

One of four student ads chosen for the issue so that was pretty nice of them.

And one of the other four ads was also done by the illustrious Steve Nathans and Jon Morrow. Congrats guys.

Secondly, my copywriting compatriots Liza Behles and Kyle Cavanaugh had the honor of sitting in on a podcast with freelance creative director and Creative Circus department head Dan Balser. He hosts a fantastic show entitled Don't Get Me Started in which he picks the brains of advertising's top creatives. And then he talked to us.

If your interest is piqued click over to and change your life.

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