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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Seeing (red)

Death Match collaboration done with designer Krichmar and writer Liza Behles:

Challenge: Design a 10-card series for Hallmark's (red) series that benefits AIDS work in Africa.

Solution: We created a series of cards around the philosophy/tagline "Sometimes a little something can mean a lot." Each card is a celebration of some seemingly small aspect of life that holds a special, if often overlooked, significance in its own right. The cards are also physically small--3-1/4" by 3-1/4"--to mirror the smallness and ease of the sender's gesture. Their copy reflects the humor of the target market—smart, fun, a bit silly and certainly not sappy. By incorporating the word "red" into each line the brand is also linked to this idea that a little something can mean a lot; a portion of the revenue goes to fight AIDS in Africa.

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