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Monday, March 10, 2008

The day that wouldn't end

To update everyone since my previous post, yes, I am still awake and no, I have not gone to bed yet.

That's right. The last time I had a proper sleep was Friday morning. I’m on three and a half days in now. And like I said, the crazy thing is that I feel completely fine.

Well, no sleep isn't 100 percent true. I blacked out for a few minutes while art directing on the morning of the second all-nighter. Then there was the time I dozed off for a few moments standing in the shower. Or the two hour nap that my friend forced me to take yesterday afternoon. And then this afternoon I lay down in the middle of the hallway, face down on the floor, and passed out for about an hour.

So, that's about three hours of sleep in the last 84 hours. I've broken some sort of crazy wall. I feel absolutely OK, like I could keep doing this. Maybe if I just continue to get only an hour of sleep from now on I'll be fine and way more productive.

Or maybe I'll die.

The other crazy thing is that there are at least three other people at school who are in about the same spot as me.

Hooray for Panel in a week. It can only get worse from here! Huzzah!

UPDATE: I'm watching a show on the Discovery Channel about the powers of the brain. There's a story on right now about an explorer who was awake on a hot air balloon for 88 hours before his brain shut his body down. What a pansy. Give me four more hours.

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