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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The last minutes of

As the theme of sleep (or rather, lack of it) has seemed to be the main focus of this blog recently, I'll continue with a) one more related fact and b) one related anecdote.

I pulled an all-nighter again last night. That makes four out of the past five nights that I have gone entirely without sleep. Hooray.

When I finally passed out this afternoon I had a dream that an impending wave of destruction was on a collision course with my town. A volcano had just erupted, I believe. My friends and I were running around trying to grab our key possessions (computers mostly) before doom struck. We could hear it rumbling in the distances and knew that any second a giant wave of molten lava would come spilling into our house. Just as we grabbed the last monitor and scurried to high ground, a giant, churning tsunami of bright 100% magenta lava came bursting through the door. Then I woke up.

The reason why I've been pulling these all-nighters is to get campaigns finished for the British D&AD Awards. In fact, I did two for the brief. Their brand color is 100% magenta. That's all I've been looking at for the last week. Enter gigantic wave of magenta lava.

So, to justify all this madness, here's the first of the two campaigns we fondly call the Death Campaign. Just so you know, is basically England's equivalent to Travelocity but with a bit more edge and more offerings. The brief was to make adventurous, somewhat wealthy Europeans make the most of their free time by booking holidays and in-town tickets to play, concerts, sporting events, etc. So, enjoy!

EDIT: I know it might be lame, but I've taken the work down temporarily. I'll put it back up once campaigns are due in London on the 20th. It makes me a bit nervous having it up. So, hold tight, and you'll get to see it soon.

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