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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Join the dorkestra

Join the YouTube orchestra

Besides the not all that ground-breaking idea of YouTube Live (live streaming video? wow.) here's a new little doodad of web 2.0 brought to you through the omnipotent video site. Cool enough idea, but I was hopefully for something more instant and collective, not just what is essentially a videotaped audition. (It sort of makes me want to submit a video of me just burping the music. Or perhaps this.)

It'd be cooler to have users record their parts, then submit them and build one collective, online orchestra. That way it's a globally collaborative piece. From there, the conductor could mix the audio to get it right. Maybe solos could be written for most instruments, and players could record their solo separately. Then, they can add it into the larger mix and be featured in their own version of the piece.

It's a decent idea, but it could be way cooler. That's all I'm saying. Thoughts?

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Tazz said...

Funnily enough, a friend of mine (who lives in the US and I had a similar idea). Except we think it's a little better than this. We decided to pick a song and do like a duet of it. Yeah, he's all the way there and I'm all the way here but we thought we could maybe sing on skype get it right and then record it or something. It's not been figured out completely yet. Interesting idea though.