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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

George W sweeps his own Top Ten. Congrats!

Now, it's no secret that I don't like David Letterman. The man hasn't been funny in fifteen years, and Paul Schaffer looks like a naked mole rat with stupid glasses. His audiences merely laugh and applaud because they're prompted to do so by lit signs that his produces pay for and operate, not by any merit of his own comedy [sic].

But for once he's actually created a funny Top Ten. So, for your viewing pleasure (and horror), I present David Letterman's Top Ten George W. Bush Moments:

Top Ten Bush Moments

Hilarious, terrifying and awe-inspiring all in one video. Go cry/celebrate/weep/lose control of your bowels/gnash teeth as you see fit.

(And just for the record, I don't actually give Letterman any credit for this. Let's be honest, Georgy did pretty much all the work here. Plus, some poor intern had to go over hours worth of video to cut this together, not that megalomaniac of a host.)

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