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Monday, June 2, 2008

Student Show Wrap-Up

Friday was the Creative Circus Student Awards Show. It's always a festive time with ego made or broken with just a few words from the presenters. It's basically like the One Show except instead of amazing scallop and seaweed ceviche and an open bar we get slices of Jimmy John's subs and some Cokes.

Actually, it's really not that big of deal. But, any award feels good to win. Congrats to my illustrious if sometime misguided friends Kasia Haupt who took home Student Choice Art Director and Best Art Direction awards and Bobby Prokenpek who nabbed a Circus record 22 photography awards along his way to also winning Student Choice Image and Best Image awards.

I did alright for myself. I ended up getting a few things including Best Copywriting (completely undeserved, seriously), Best Concept and Best in Show.

But that's now what I'm most proud of. What was truly an honor to win was the first-ever Worst in Show. Advertising department head Dan Balser pulled me aside the other day as he was tabulating scores to tell me that one of my campaigns for Culprit fishing lures received one of the worse scores he had ever seen: a 3 out of 10 from the judges. As a result, the new category of Worst in Show was created just to punish Brandon Rapert and I for such callous disregard for tasteful, thoughtful advertising. I am truly more proud of that award than any of the other ones that I received on Friday. To have made the single most despised piece of work in the entire show, it's truly an honor.

Below are the winning (or losing) pieces for your consideration.

I still think they're funny. And if you know about fishing, you'll understand the benefit of having a lure with erratic action. Apparently the judges didn't.

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