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Friday, June 13, 2008


The last 48 hours have been completely mad.

The reason being, Liza Behles and I just found out that we won an AKQA Cannes FutureLion for our Toyota Prius digital campaign. That's Cannes as in Cannes.

Not only did we win a little lion statuette, but so did two other fellow Circusians, Katy Graham and Karen Gereffi. That's severely impressive when one considers that only five of these puppies are handed out in the entire world. And beyond that, this is the second year in a row that the Circus has had two FutureLions teams. That's 40% of the FutureLions in the world.

So, after our obvious eruption of excitement, our next thought was, "How are we going to get to Cannes by Monday?" None of us quite had the $1,500 to shell out on just the airfare alone. "What's the best way to raise funds?" we thought. A bake sale!

We immediately set out to make an e-flyer to send to everyone we could possibly think of. Here she is:

At first we didn't get any responses. But then, just 20 hours after we found out we had to get to Cannes, the floodgates opened. Through the amazing generosity of others, we suddenly went from, "How the hell are we going to get to Cannes?" to "I can't believe we're going to Cannes!"

Beyond that, our bake sale got picked up as a news story on a number of advertising blogs, including AdRants. It's pretty awesome to think that our idea got in front of that many eyeballs in that fast of a time. I guess it's our first successful ad.

We still can't believe it's happening. I've only slept two hours the past two nights trying to get ready to leave by Sunday. It's 10 pm, and I just ate my first meal of the day. I don't really know what's going on right now. But I do know that if I show up to the airport Sunday night I'll somehow magically wake up in France the next morning. It's unbelievable.

A HUGE thank you to everyone that's helped us out, financially and otherwise.

An enormous thanks to Kara Taylor, Mark Tutssel, John Condon and Debbie Bougdanos at Leo Burnett who were ridiculously kind enough to buy a dozen of our cookies to cover our plane tickets.

Super big thanks to Ajaz Ahmed and Lars Bastholm and the whole crew at AKQA as well as MaryAnn Frerman from 22squared who are helping us out with accommodations and travel.

Also, mega thanks to our friends Dave Holloway at Publicis, Jannie Gerds of Matheson Gerds Advertising, Jeb Quaid at DDB and Duane Hawkins with the Creative Circus for helping us out too.

Lastly, we're forever in debt to all our friends at the Creative Circus who have helped us over the past two days as we scrambled to get our act together. If you liked the photos, they were done by Bobby Prokenpek. He is amazing. Please check out his stuff. Also, thanks to Susanne DeLoach, DC Washington, Dan Balser, Heddy Lunenfeld, Berwyn Hung, Judy Hertz, Beth Ann, Kim and everyone here.

(Also, Kasia Haupt gave us one strawberry, one raspberry and two orange Jolly Ranchers and a blue raspberry Pixie Stick. I think we only have the strawberry left.)

We've really been completely overwhelmed by everyone's generosity and commitment to helping us get over to France.

Next time you hear from me I'll be in Cannes!

2 comments: said...

Hi Andy, I'm Charlene, a junior writer from Grey KL (Malaysia). Read your story on which then led to reading your blog entry here. Guess you must have been seriously touched by the random kindness of the respective agencies and parties... (it makes you almost beleive that maybe there *is* such a thing as a free ride). Hope the cookies turned out alight. You guys are decent bakers right? haha. Well, hearing your experience stirred up equal proportions of inspiration and jealousy. AlrIGHT, mostly jealousy. You can wipe that smug grin off your face now. :P Or not. I figure with this amazing victory of epic proportions, you can afford to rest on the proverbial laurels just a bit longer. And hey, at least if copywriting ever fails you, there's always a career in the confectionery industry to fall back on.



Jennifer said...

Well that sounds pretty awesome! It is a super creative, funny, and 'awww' inspiring. Glad you got to go to Cannes (3 years ago)!

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