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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Full-Tiltin' that Tatse

Ah yes, this point in the quarter.

Production has jumped into high gear just a little earlier than usual. (Thanks One Show and D&AD's.) Questions of adequacy arise hourly. Exhaustion, tempers, uncontrollable urges to drink beer, this is the stuff creativity is made of.

At this moment, I'm sitting in my apartment which reeks of skunky weed and burnt coffee (neither of which are my doing), sipping on a entirely too tall mug of lemongrass green tea and listening to old school Deftones. The observant reader will notice that nowhere did I say "and writing lines for the Sweet Auburn Curb Market presentation tomorrow." That's because I'm not. I need to.

The thing is, we're not quite at that point of panic yet--2 1/2 weeks left--but there's still a unsettling cloud of anxiety hanging above all our heads. This gray area sometimes it makes it difficult to focus forward.

I realized yesterday that I hadn't done anything creative in a while. That's not true; I do creative things every day. That's what the Circus is all about. What I mean is that I haven't done anything creative for no other reason than creativity's sake in a long time. So, last night, rather than spend another hour writing lines, I went to Michael's, bought some blank colored t-shirts and stenciled/spray painted some more of my own style of tees. Very therapeutic. A much needed release.

It's funny. I remember coming into school in my first and second quarters and seeing all these crazy upper-quarter kids running around. They were doing bizarre things, making odd noises sometimes, not wearing shoes and just generally being weird. I thought to myself, "Wow, these people are pretty weird."

And now, a year later, I completely understand their mania. You spend that much time at school and concentrating on this stuff all the time that you're bound to start going a little crazy. Then, you start doing things to keep life interesting. (Isn't it odd to think that we need to do even weirder things to keep our already very creative lives from getting stale?)

I stepped back the other day and thought about all this. Now it's me, running around, fake humping people, going shoeless, making silly noises, sketching strange words on my hands, growing unconventional facial hair. Yet, in some not entirely understandable way it's all kind of exciting.

Really, I'm not sure what this all means. Or what the end of this quarter will hold. Or even tomorrow. But I'm excited.

P.S. You should probably check this blog out: The FAIL Blog. New favorite internet destination.

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