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Thursday, November 1, 2007


While I don't think that this ad is anywhere near ground-breaking, I still find it assuming if only because I thinkt I've used the word "dude" is just about every situation that they show.

Example: My friend Shane at the wheel of his Jeep, me in the passenger seat, turning left at an intersection. Old lady crossing the street parallel to our car to the left (i.e. where we're turning). Shane not paying attention at all, begins to turn, barreling straight for the old lady with a cane.

Me: "Dude."
Shane: "What?"
Getting closer.
Me: "Dude."
Shane: "Huh?"
Bearing down right on top of her.
Me: "DUDE!"

Just so you know, no, Shane did not hit her, but she did literally have to jump out of the way. She had a cane. It was kind of messed up.

Anyway, while this ad isn't really anything new or earth-shattering, it's completely relatable to any, well, dude. I like the way the "plot" is tied back to the product at the end although it could have been a much better pay-off. Either way, Bud Light has shown that they understand dudes. In case you didn't feel that between getting hit in the face with rocks or hiring a auctioneer for your buddy's wedding.

Actually, that brings up a good point. While Bud's other spots are much sillier and work for a laugh—their actual success can be argued—this spot is really not outlandish at all. It's far more genuine and (perhaps sadly) speaking the target's language quite faithfully. In fact, I think that the most unrealistic event in the whole spot is perhaps the ordering of wine at the end. But they do hit on a lot of dudeisms nicely—sitting too closely, yelling from outside a window, sour milk in the fridge, etc. So, while definitely not the most intelligent spot ever created, kudos for making a more genuine beer ad that's still amusing.

I'm sick and tired of seeing disingenuous spots about a man getting as excited that his beer label just turned blue as his wife is about a positive pregnancy test. Not funny, not real. Keep your advertising bullshit to yourself and learn to talk with people rather than at them. You're not convincing anyone.

Bonus points for a somewhat unexpected soundtrack too.

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