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Monday, July 21, 2008

Master Lee

I know I'm little late to jump on the Ji Lee bandwagon, but sooner's better than never.

For those who don't know this dude, Ji Lee is the man. Born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, he attended Parsons School of Design. He worked for various ad/design agencies for about seven years before ending up at Droga5 where he did some great work. Most recently he's moved on to become a creative director at Google Creative Labs.

Beyond that, I've been told he's an incredibly nice fellow by people who know him. His wife is supposed to be a delightful fine artist as well.

So, that tells you who he is. But what's more important is what he does.

This guy is a brain. Simply put. He creates idea that are so simple yet at the same time so brilliant they'll blow your mind.

His projects question our perception of reality or ask us to question it. Clean executions give him a really individual, amusing style that can border on cheeky.

The Bubble Project

Univers Revolved

Word as Image

Redundant Clock

That last one is awesome. It makes me laugh every time.

Anyway, this a very small taste. You really need to pop over to Lee's site at to see everything. Make sure to check out his independent projects. That's where the gold is. Really brilliant stuff.

Enjoy the inspiration. Now go do something.

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