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Saturday, October 20, 2007



This story struck me as a bit odd. Being from Georgia and hearing that I won't be able to bathe or brush my teeth in about 3 months is of course troubling. However, what really hit me about the story was our beloved governor Sonny Perdue's response.

"He also sent a letter to President Bush . . ."?

Sent a letter? Is that really how we still have to do things in this country? Lick a stamp and send it off to the president's mailbox? Isn't there some sort of email we can reach him at? AIM maybe? texasprincess47 or something?

I just find it a tad bit archaic that we're still sending letters off to our commander-in-chief? Did he really have to go drop that off in a mailbox and then hope it got there in about three to four business days? And what else do you think arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with this letter from our governor asking for emergency aid? Maybe some junk mail from a phone company, the power bill, some coupons, the new Maxim.



Anonymous said...

When a governor wants the President to declare his state a disaster area, he must ask through a formal means of correspondence, i.e. send a letter, not an instant message. The governor probably called the President to request the decision be made, but the formal letter must nonetheless be sent, so as to make it official, and to trigger the bureaucracy into action.

andy said...

Thanks for your comment, dear reader. Not everything that's written is meant to be taken 100% seriously though. (Or, even 1% seriously for that matter.)

But honestly, I do really appreciate you reading. I figured I was just blabbering out to the infinite vacuum that is cyberspace.