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Friday, September 21, 2007

Goya Black Beans and Rice

Another project from my Design Concepts class:

I chose to rebrand the latino foods giant Goya to give it a look that is less intimidating to non-Hispanic shoppers who may not be sure what the products are or can be used for.

The new logo is now handwritten, resembling the Spanish painter Fransisco Goya's signature. The color palette is taken from the colors used on the fa├žade of a small church in Mexico.

The boxes are cubic, a very stable geometric form, representing the role that beans and rice play as the most basic food staples in the world. Additionally, it allows measuring cups to be scooped in or poured into in an easier fashion compared to the ubiquitous plastic bags currently used. Still, clear viewing windows on the corners and top allow consumers to get a good look at what is inside.

When placed next to each other on the shelf, the two packages complement one another. They can also be turned to have equally complementary sides facing out for the shelves of Hispanic groceries.

Copy on the boxes offers preparation tips and recipes.

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