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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Really? Really, Internet? Really?

I just realized I had never looked at what the all-time top videos on YouTube are. Have you? I just did. Guess what's number one. Go ahead, just guess.


Try: Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend. Really. It's right here. You can watch it for yourself and add to the 118,740,546 other views that is has at the moment I write this. (And that's with embedding disabled!)

Avril's barely edging out that stupid Evolution of Dance video everyone went crazy over. Chris Brown's got two in there as do the Jonas Brothers, albeit a little lower in the ranks. Also, Charlie Bit My Finger comes in at a mind-blowing fourth place. And then there's Jeff Dunham's Achmed the Dead Terrorist skit which is pretty unfunny and will likely get us bombed sometime soon.

Here's a screen grab of the whole thing, or you can just click here to see it for yourself.

Really, this is a pretty interesting look into our internet zeitgeist. (Seriously, how trendy is that word right now?) If I'm reading this correctly we're a mixture of good-natured, cheesy saps plus 13-year old, top 40 consuming addicts. Probably not far off.

Wow. I just checked Most Popular Today, and it's basically all Britain's Got Talent Clips. That makes me a little sad. Then again, most surveys of pop culture do.

Got any other good ones for me?

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