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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Man Hate Movie

Normally I'm a fan of artsy, quiet movies that capture a certain aspect of life so impossible to express except through gorgeous cinematography and brilliantly awkward dialog. Normally.

That being sad, I just saw perhaps the worst movie of my life tonight: Man Push Cart. The plot of the movie is . . . well . . . there is no plot. The essence of the piece is that you get to witness the monotonous, disappointing, lonely life of a Pakistani immigrant named Ahmad living in New York who runs a bagel and coffee cart in the streets of New York City.

I get what the filmmakers were trying to do. Still, it was a really terrible flick. While I've definitely seen worse movies as movies, this was the most uninteresting and non-engaging film I've probably ever seen. The cinematography was for the most part uninspired. The music was severely lacking. The dialog was dreadful. And over the screenplay was really terrible. It seemed more like a senior film thesis than a movie that had been nominated for various film festivals. Like I said, I suppose I can see the merit in its artistic approach, but overall, a wholly unenjoyable film with really no redeeming qualities.

Want to know the entire plot of the movie?

There you go. Sorry I just ruined the entire movie for you. Oh wait, it was already done before you put it on. That's basically all that happens for 87 minutes straight.

Literally, you see this same scene so many times (around 12-15) that it becomes laughable how really terrible the film is.

I guess the title in broken English should've been the first tip-off. I can't wait till the sequel comes out, Man Push Cart Again.

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